David and Aldine Lineback, pictured, along with their daughter, Emily-Sarah, will once again give loom demonstrations on the barn loom in the village’s one-room schoolhouse. David first helped his mother at her loom in the 1940s when he was a child and took up the practice again after he retired.

David handlooms rugs and placemats, and Aldine ties the ends, keeps the shuttles of fabric filled, and sews together pieces that made what were called “rag rugs” or “carpets” back when the craft was more function than fashion.

David taught his daughter and also his grandson to weave. Emily-Sarah has learned enough to share that weaving is the fun and easy part; it’s getting everything ready that takes a lot of time and knowledge–and patience.

The Linebacks enjoy carrying on this old-fashioned textile tradition and will be giving numerous demonstrations of the process each day of the fair.

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