Thank you to everyone that participated in the Dixie Classic Fair competitions this year!
Congratulations to all of the Winners!

2013 Wine Competition Winners

Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Competition Winners

2013 Specialty Foods Competition Winners

Dickey’s Barbecue BIG Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest
Great American Spam Championship Adult
Great American Spam Championship Kid Chef
Bisquick Favorite Recipe Contest
Tom Carroll I Love Pie Contest Sweet
Tom Carroll I Love Pie Contest Savory
Karo Corn Syrup Sweet Treats Contests
Karo Corn Syrup Best Bite-Size Contest
Gold Medal Flour Scratch Bakers Cookie Contest
Lowes Foods Mama Mia Perfect Pasta
Winston-Salem Journal’s Main Dish Salad
WBFJ Heavenly Layered Cake
Smitty’s Fried Apple Pie
Village Tavern’s Anything But Ordinary Sweet Potato
Locally Grown-Chili Zone Chili

2013 Competition Winners


Bees And Honey
Decorated Apples, Pumpkins, Potatoes

Flower Show

Floriculture Friday Show
Floriculture Wednesday Show
Professional Florists


Poultry and Pigeons
Rooster Crowing Contest

Special Competitions

Decorated Christmas Trees
Decorated Wreaths
Essay Contest
Poetry Contest
Tobacco Stringing Looping Contest

Other Competitions

Adult Fine Arts
Amateur Adult Photography
Clothing & Fashions
Educational Booths
Extension Booths
Food Preservation
Home Furnishings
Jr Fine Arts
Junior Homemaking
Junior Hobbycrafts
Photo Fun Fair
Senior Adults
Senior Hobbycrafts
Special Children & Adult Crafts
Technology Education
Youth Booths