Thank you to everyone for participating in the Dixie Classic Fair competitions!
Winners will be posted once judging results are confirmed!

  • 2016 Wine Competition Winners

    Mid-Atlantic Southeastern Wine Results

  • 2016 Specialty Foods Competition Winners

    Black Mountain Chocolate Kitchen Challenge
    Locally Grown – Musten & Crutchfield Pimento Cheese
    Locally Grown – Eat to Live Italian Style
    Locally Grown – I love Chili Contest
    Tom Carroll – I Love Pie Contest
    Gold Medal Flour Cookie Contest
    Dress Up Your Recipe with Little Black Dressing Co.
    Winston-Salem Journal’s Bread Pudding Contest
    WBFJ heavenly Layered Cake
    Smitty’s Fried Apple Pie
    Village Tavern’s Anything Chocolate Contest
    Great American Spam Championship

  • 2016 Competition Winners


    Bees & Honey
    Decorated Apples, Pumpkins & Potato

    Flower Show

    Friday Flower Show
    Wednesday Flower Show
    Professional Florist


    Beef Cattle – Angus
    Beef Cattle – Charolais
    Beef Cattle – Hereford
    Beef Cattle – Simmental
    Beef Cattle – Red Angus
    Beef Cattle – Other Beef Breeds
    Beef Cattle – Jr. Beef Heifer
    Dairy Cattle
    Jr. Dairy Cattle
    Sheep Show
    Jr. Sheep Show
    Jr. Market Lamb Show
    Hersdman’s Award
    Jr. Commercial Ewe
    Jr. Market Swine
    Open Dairy Goat
    Meat Goats

    Special Competitions

    Decorated Christmas Tree
    Decorated Wreaths
    Essay Contest
    Poetry Contest
    Tobacco Stringing-Looping

    Other Competitions

    Adult Fine Arts
    Adult Hobbies & Crafts
    Adult Professional Crafts
    Amateur Adult Photography
    Clothing & Fashion


    Education-Extension Booths
    Food Preservation
    Home Furnishings
    Junior Fine Arts
    Junior Homemaking
    Junior Hobbies & Crafts
    Photo Fun Fair
    Senior Adults

    Senior Hobbycrafts

    Special Children & Adult Craft
    Youth Organization Booths