Each day—from Sept. 28 to Oct. 7—the Dixie Classic Fair is giving away $1,000 in digital coupons. That’s a total of $10,000 for fun and delicious savings.

How It Works:

Through the magic of technology, the fair will transmit special coupons as you walk around the fairgrounds. The fair app will alert you when you approach a hotspot. Once you’re in a coupon hotspot, you may receive a special coupon on your phone. It’s the coolest way you’ve ever couponed.

Coupons will be redeemed on a first-come, first-served basis, up to the quantity/ amount specified in the coupon. For example, the fair could send out a coupon for 20 free ride cards to the first 20 people who show up to redeem it. But with $1,000 worth of giveaways every day, don’t worry. If you miss one coupon, there will be plenty more opportunities.

How to Start Saving:

Download the Dixie Classic Fair app; configure your smartphone to receive special coupons—and start saving.


1. Download the free Physical Web app from the App Store.

2. Turn on Bluetooth (found under Settings).

3. Open the Physical Web app to receive digital fair coupons.


1. Download Beacon Scanner App from Play Store.

2. Open app and follow prompts on app set-up.

3. Close out of the settings.

4. Go to apps page and open Beacon Scanner, choose Eddystone-URL, and visit website.